Hi there! I’m Kat, a human being who loves words in all forms and creatures with murder-mittens and snappy attitudes (aka cats). You can usually find me chilling with a book,  a cup of something warm, and a cat or two or five.

It was originally my intention for this to be a place of information, enrichment, and education, but I’ve accepted I’m more of a braindump-in-the-moment kind of person, so, this is a blog. It is also not a blog. It’s whatever it’s meant to be, and that is good and okay and not something I’m going to concern myself with.

As an information professional, I strongly believe in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, and will always advocate for supporting your local library and protecting your access to information and privacy. I’ll never ask you to provide private information and I’ll certainly never share any information with third parties. I’m always up for talking about books and life and cats, so drop me a message if you wanna chat!

Enjoy my two cents on Life, the Universe, and Everything – you’ll see a bit of it all.