Staying Sane in Uncharted Territory Pt. 2: You can be your own friend

Staying Sane in Uncharted Territory Pt. 2: You can be your own friend

In part one of the Staying Sane series, I talked about how libraries can be your best friend in times of need and boredom. But, not everyone is so fortunate to be able to use their local library. Or perhaps you want a break from reading – I feel ya, it can be tough to find the motivation to read day after day after day. It helps to change things up every once in a while, and you don’t always have to rely on external services to get the job done. Be a cat – they’re perfectly happy all day with a little food, sleep, and bumming around. They know what’s up.

So, no library? No problem! You can still enjoy your time at home without going crazy and/or strangling your two- and four-legged companions, and the good news is, you still don’t have to pay anything! Check out the list below for ideas and quaran-spiration, for both yourself and the family! (I know, that was bad. Being home has not made me anymore witty, sadly.)

Random Fun, Crafts, & Games

  • – Indoor picnics
  • – Indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts
  • – Gardening and planting
  • – Movie night
  • – Game night (virtual or not, make time to play some games!)
  • – Family bake off/cook off
  • – Learn a new recipe
  • – Card making (Get caught up on those birthday and Christmas cards now!)
  • – Karaoke night
  • – Puzzles
  • – Tea party
  • – Exercise! (an oldy but a goody. And let’s be real, being a couch potato stops being fun after the second week.)

Learning at Home

Maybe you’re one of those individuals who always thought it might be nice to learn a new skill or language, but never had the time. Well guess what? You’ve probably got a butt-load of time on your hands right now! Check out these free classes and courses!

  • Language learning
    • Duolingo is completely free and has a mobile app and desktop websitethat you can use!
    • BBC offers free language resources, including videos, pronunciation, and grammar exercises
  • Free online classes and skills courses
    • Coursera offers free courses and classes where you can learn new skills from Google, top universities, and businesses around the world
    • Udacity offers free classes with an emphasis on tech skills
    • W3Schools offers hundreds of tutorials on a variety of different web development languages
    • MIT also offers open courses that are free to learners everywhere!
  • Learn a new hobby
    • YouTube and the interwebs are both excellent sources of tutorials. That’s how I learned to knit and crochet! If you have some spare time at home and some miscellaneous crafts, check out the Internet to see if you can’t learn how to do something new!

Connect with Others

As fun as it is to be home 24/7, eventually you do end up missing that vital human interaction that you would otherwise get from work, shopping, and recreational activities. Your home is great, but you can still visit and chat with others without leaving the house!

  • Virtual cocktail parties – video conference with a group of friends and share a drink (or three)! Video conferencing software is pretty easy to use nowadays and most have free versions available. Some suggestions I have are…
  • Social media – as much as we’ve been told social media is bad for us, this is actually a great time to reconnect with others and catch up with friends!
  • Online games – this one may seem counter-intuitive, but online gaming can be a great way to maintain contact with friends and family.
    • – Houseparty is a recent discovery I’ve made that allows you to video with others and play games like trivia!
    • – Candy Crush, chess, or scrabble are other games you can play for free with friends!
    • – If you already play video games, check and see what you have in your library that is multiplayer (I use Steam, and you can sort your games by how many people can play)!

Just remember, be a cat! It’s fun to chase laser pointers and weird feathery things when the human feels like playing, but it’s just as fun to find your own entertainment too, whether that be chillin’ like a villain or devising some strange and exciting activities to do at home!

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  1. Game nights with various inebriants are how we’ve been getting through the weeks. I appreciate you compiling all of these useful websites to help keep life on track!

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